Peacock Bass Kit

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2 Borboleta Jaraqui – a long-casting, double-prop topwater rip bait with heavy-duty saltwater hardware, including 4/0 trebles; handmade in Brazil for targeting trophy peacocks. 7"L, 1-1/2 oz.

3 Borboleta Perversa – one of the top-selling lures in the Amazon, this subsurface jerkbait floats up after a hard jerk; a "numbers" bait handmade in Brazil, with loud rattles and heavy-duty #1 hooks. 4"L, 2/3 oz.

2 Rebel® Jumping Minnow – a walk-the-dog topwater, great for downsizing or targeting numbers of fish. 4-1/2"L, 1/2-oz., #2 treble hooks.

2 Bomber® Long A® – a saltwater-tough subsurface jerkbait that gives a topwater angler an effective followup bait when the fish roll but won't take. 7"L, 1/2-oz., 1/0 trebles.

6 Falcon Braza jig – a large-profile hair jig with a quiet water entry and a slow fall that's ideal for big peacocks in the middle of the lagoon; built on an extra-sharp 5/0 Lazer TroKar hook. 7"L, 1/2-oz.

  • 15 high-percentage peacock baits
  • Includes top international varieties
  • Hottest colors and sizes
  • 2 Borboleta Jaraqui topwaters
  • 3 Borboleta Perversa subsurface jerkbaits
  • 2 Rebel Jumping Minnow walk-the-dog topwaters
  • 2 Bomber Long A subsurface jerkbaits
  • 6 Falcon Braza jigs
  • Falcon FTO box with Zerust protection
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